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TonigHt I'm goNna GiVe yoU aLL my *LoVe*

in the backseat

29 September 1988
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Hey Good lookin, I'm Deanna!

"Deanna is a really hard name to pronounce especially when you have short term memory loss and can't remember the proper pronunciation
:-)" ~ kgoodall

"Deanna is amazing, loveable, cute, a hot piece of ass, and i love her to death. She's by far my favorite arab ever. :) love big red HOO HOO" ~ unsuresundays

"Deanna is a fucking slut." ~ this_is_it____

"Deanna is..a BITCH!!" ~ gdfourtwentylo

"Deanna is FRiGGEN AWESOME." ~ _pr0mises

"Deanna is, my bestest friend in the whole world, someone to love, make her cry, come up with the dumbest/funnniest shit you'll ever hear of, pour shit down her crack, break her bed, get totally fucked up with, and to top it all off... she's A GIRL WITH THE NICKNAME LEZDE. hmm, i wonder y!! lol hahahahahhaha YEAH RIGHT! *doo doo* *niiiiigggaaa'ss* AHAHAH!" ~ j_dizzle_07

deanna is love
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