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I sat next to Mrs.Trumble in church today! hahaha... I know some of you Scripps people remember her... yep shes a little bit of a kook but a nice lady none the less. :) lol... im laughing just thinking about it.

I'm like sick right now... I have a horrible cough and it hurts my throat and my ears feel clogged and shit. I heard the flu was going around... that sucks big time... i need some antibiotics like asap.

So I'm hoping to go shopping today, I wanna get some more jeans and some new stuff. I'm sick of my other clothes right now.
Why am I so effin freezing right now!?!?!

Ok well I'm bouncing outa here. Oh WAIT, my mom told me she wants me to get a Honda Civic or a Honda Acord! Hey thats perfectly alright with me. But I guess they are really safe, lol.. go figure, thats what momma wants her girl to drive, a super safe car. I hope they got them in yellow! I want a yellow car! My license plate can say Banana. :)
(hence, deanna banana!) woah

~1~ haha im a wigga now

<3 deanna
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lol banana....cracked me up

eww member tha cheese....ur crack.....ew.

dude that was the grossest thing ever (the cheese)
hmm Mrs. Trumble...I'm thinking 7th grade social studies. But I think that's wrong.
haha mrs. trumble. remember when she wore two different shoes?
omg I totally forgot about that!!!! hahahah that was the funniest shit ever. thanks for reminding me