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ahuh derrrrrrr < :-P

OMG man I cannot talk... i sound like complete shizzaroni! I'm like totally losing my voice from being sick. I had a whole bag of cough drops in my purse today. I smelled very cough droppy. I wore black for the first time today. holy shit. lol... i love my cute new jacket tho!
And of course had a bloody nose is 4th hour today had to go to the bathroom for like 10 mins. Errrr... I hate being sick soo much.
I'm looking foward to the weekend. I hope I get better. Cuz I can't party as sick as I am.
And holy shit... its so weird, so many people want to hang out with me and my friends and party. Its like once they hear the words alcohol or weed they're like omg can we come! Some people that I don't even talk to. I'm like.... uhmmm alright? yeah well anyways... seriously as me and jenni decided today our parties are VIP only. ;)

Tickle me De misses being tickled :(
And misses someone else right now......

No I can't breath
No I can't sleep
I'm barely hanging on
Here I am
Once again
I'm torn into pieces
Can't deny it
Can't pretend
Just thought you were the one.

Essentials for the next few days as follows ::
* dayquil
* vapor rub
* kleenex
* a shitload of cough drops
ahh I smell menthol in the air! and NO not cigarettes

<3 deanna
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