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wanna feel ANY warm breeze

stayed home sick.
once again.
i really don't feel any better.
my mom thinks i shouldnt go to school tomorrow either.
errrrr and i really want to go, is that sad or what?
I can't stand missing school
I'm gonna have soo much to make up.

I miss my friends :(
I have so many parties this weekend
but I don't know how I'm gonna do all them.
I'm still recooping here, trying to get better.

I'm so sick of winter.
And I'm sick of people being in such sad/bad moods on live journal.
Its been a shitty week for everyone it seems.
Accept my Jenni!!! She's so cheery! I love my best friend so much. Shes such a BEST FRIEND. She came and saw me in her car to say hi, just cuz she knew i wasn't feeling good. :)
I lauuu my jenni. I LAUUUU HER SOOOO MUCH!!!!

So my day was pretty good all in all....
watched Regis and Kelly (actually Jeff Gordan and Kelly)
Played The Urbs
Played Phone Tag w/ katie since we're both home sick
Sat around.....
ate honey bunches of oats?
and hot tea mmmmm

Ok love you all. Comment because you hate winter like me.

<3 deanna
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