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Wonton soup would be heaven

Me and Kate talking about being sick.....I thought it was funny.

LOgUiTaRcHiCk: i feel like my ears are underwater
GReeNDayBLonDE07: that sucks
LOgUiTaRcHiCk: yeah moose dick
GReeNDayBLonDE07: i hate being sick
LOgUiTaRcHiCk: di - toe
GReeNDayBLonDE07: you should see me right now......my face is so pale and i have like black circles under my eyes...and my voice sounds like a man...
LOgUiTaRcHiCk: haha
LOgUiTaRcHiCk: aww :-(
GReeNDayBLonDE07: i like look a crackhead
LOgUiTaRcHiCk: sry that made me laugh like out loud at first
GReeNDayBLonDE07: **look like
GReeNDayBLonDE07: lol
LOgUiTaRcHiCk: i sound like a clogged up toilet
GReeNDayBLonDE07: i want pizza....that would make me feel so much better
LOgUiTaRcHiCk: im lauging
GReeNDayBLonDE07: brb i have to get my inhalor
LOgUiTaRcHiCk: my moms like," what so funny? come watch tv with me"
LOgUiTaRcHiCk: wtf
LOgUiTaRcHiCk: your crack inhalor?
GReeNDayBLonDE07: no i need it to breathe
LOgUiTaRcHiCk: you got asthma
LOgUiTaRcHiCk: I'm swimming
GReeNDayBLonDE07: no my caughing is so bad that i cant breathe somtimes
LOgUiTaRcHiCk: :-( i sorry
LOgUiTaRcHiCk: are ya weasy
LOgUiTaRcHiCk: can i call ya weasy
GReeNDayBLonDE07: it helps so much tho
GReeNDayBLonDE07: haha ok
LOgUiTaRcHiCk: i have nasel spray!!!
LOgUiTaRcHiCk: but im too scared to use it
GReeNDayBLonDE07: haha
LOgUiTaRcHiCk: yeah something bout sniffing stuff up my nose
GReeNDayBLonDE07: i like the taste after i do the inhailor
GReeNDayBLonDE07: hahhaa
LOgUiTaRcHiCk: whats it taste like
GReeNDayBLonDE07: idk.....
LOgUiTaRcHiCk: weed?
GReeNDayBLonDE07: no
LOgUiTaRcHiCk: ranch and cheese?
GReeNDayBLonDE07: eww no
LOgUiTaRcHiCk: well
GReeNDayBLonDE07: like nothing sounds good to me cept pizza
LOgUiTaRcHiCk: i want chinese
LOgUiTaRcHiCk: wonton soup and an eggroll

<3 deanna

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