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Ok so I'm in my Art class.... yeah and it bites cuz we're doing CFE... I just did something really funny. We have to print out our CFE's and I printed out a picture I drew in Paint of a lil girl saying CFE sucks. hahaahahha no one knows I did except for the people sitting by me.

Ok so the snow day was cool yesterday lol... I kinda wish we didn't have it tho, I hate to complain, but like I had stuff I needed to do, ya kno nigga?! lol
On Tuesday I went Tanning with Susan and out to dinner with my dad. I wanna start tanning again, I feel better when I tan, my skin gets clearer and yeah... I like to tan.

Ok well exams are a piece of cake this term. I'm excited to get this week over!! I wanna party this weekend!!! LIMO PARTY!!!!! ya ya ya!
TOday after school me and jenni are riding the twinkster to her house and chillen there. I'm excited to get out of this dump today.

<3 deanna
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