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Thank God its Friday !!

I am officially done with all my classes!!! Woo just finished my 4th hour exam. I did really well on my exams this term. Last hours radio exam was a piece of cake. I love it when I feel good about my work. Lalala yeepp. So tonight is a big get together at my house :)
Ladies Invited : Jennifer, Kalynn, Susan, Ames !!
What we're going to do : Go out to lunch after school, hang out all day, and in the evening get drunk and smoke down. :) Woooo Eee!

I see a lot of you liked that kissing asterik thing I found... its on like everyones journal when I look on my friends list. woo hoo go live journal friends. shows me you read mine because its in yours!! I'm such a trend setter right! ? lol aright ill be quiet now

I'm gonna go pass outa hear and talk to some homies.
I'll have pictures from this weekend when I return on monday!
Till then.....

<3 deanna
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